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Thursday, July 5, 2012

We Rode!

Almost 14-mi.
My friend Lynn came up to ride Victoria with me.  It had been a while since she'd ridden there & I always enjoy her company!  We did my usual loop, but decided to extend it a few miles & do some exploring.  We found the gate where I thought it was - then took a trail that looked like it hadn't seen any traffic for a very long time.  Like riding through a rain forest!  The ferns were huge, water was running down the trail - but it was so quiet & beautiful.  We were really enjoying ourselves when we can to the tree across the trail & had to turn around. 
Sunshine ride!
I have to thank Lynn & her great mare Sophie - for being that rock solid team that Farah is learning so much from.  From our first outings on the trail & that first obstacle class, Farah did Not like water, water puddles, anything with water.  One of the things I enjoy about her most though - is her ability to learn & remember what she's learned.  Now, we trot through puddles.  Running water, even a very small rivulet - though - was an entirely different kind of Water!  An obstacle to jump Big over!  I'd had the issue with Khari & will never forget the day she took an incredibly steep hillside sideways & yet managed to leap the huge jagged boulders at the top - with me still in the saddle!  All to avoid the stream.  (I was lucky in those days to have Joyce & Annie to help.)   

In our last few rides, I asked Lynn if she would take that chance & let me put Farah's nose on Sophie's butt while we walked across.  It worked - as it has in the past.  Farah was very proud of herself when we turned back & she led the way across the tiny little creek!  :-)  Next of course - will be rivers - oh boy!  :-) 

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