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Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Ride in the Woods~

Our ride~
Khari actually stood & let me halter her up!  Guess taking Farah has bent her out of shape!  :-)  Good!  She was more than ready to go with me!  I met Joyce about 2 p.m. at the Bracken Tree Farm.  The day was really warming up & humidity was up too!   Ms.Trail Boss led us out & into the woods!  It was so cool & shady, but the sun was strong enough to light up even the darkest areas.  We did some very technical trails that neither of us had been on in a very long time.  Long, twisty ups, long, twisty downs.  The nicest thing about it - was that the trails, for the most part - were DRY!  The horses had such Great footing!  They could actually dig in & get traction for the steepest climb!  So nice after months & months of slippery mud! 
Joyce & Annie on the far side of the new bridge!
We found ourselves in places going around the edges of the farm. I now have the "idea" of riding all the way around the perimeter & getting the results on my GPS.  Would be nice to be able to overlay the trails too - but that takes more software than I have available!
No worry over obstacles with Khari, after years of trail work, but of course we again worked on the spooking.  Rode every stride & manged to get through it without even ONE big spook!  A few small ones, but she actually felt my boots on her sides hard enough for her to grunt when she tried it coming off the shaded trails into a clearing!  Guess what?  She kept on going forward & gave up the snorty, blowy spook!  :-)

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