Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First Ride of August!

A clear blue sky day!
Linda & I finally managed to schedule a ride!  We've only been riding together for about 20 - years now, so you'd think it would get easier!  Not!  Busy schedules etc. try to interfere with our fun.  No one knows the Victoria trails better than Linda.  She's been clearing them & making them for longer than I've known her.  She used to set-up & manage two-day 100-mile Competitive Trail rides here.  They were TOUGH!  To win usually took a ten-hour ride time each day!

Farah admires the view of the sound~
I rode Farah & as usual when confronted with new surroundings & trails - she was a trooper!  Really enjoying the day, the company (she was in season & Count is Handsome) & the new experience.  Our only problem continues to be ditches.  Didn't want to work on that in a particularly muddy one, so we just took a different trail.  Her first time at the Monument, no spooking at the Big Sliver thing!  :-)

Linda & I had brought "lunch" so enjoyed the seat & admired the views.  My big disappointment, was to find cigarette butts at the base of the seat!  There's no smoking on the Tree Farm...  gee - I wonder why?  But of course people think they are above any rules.  To leave the mess though - at the foot of a memorial - is just more than I can STAND!  The next person I see smoking up there will take the brunt of my fury!  I picked them up of course & zip-locked them so that my saddle bag wouldn't stink on the ride back.

We headed back to Linda's after about four hours - didn't seem that long!


Always Welcome~