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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shades of Gray ~

Farah's Saddlebred pose :-)
Incredibly strange weather pattern.  Low barometric pressure - so quiet, no air moving - water on the lake almost still.  Birds were quiet, no animals about.
Lake Murray NW
It never did rain or even drizzle, temperature in the mid-60's.  Actually - to me - the perfect riding weather!  We call this "Summer"?
Our Ride - North
Linda & I did a beautiful ten-mile loop leaving from her house.  All on trails - no road - lots of walking at a nice 4-mph pace.   We only saw two hikers as we neared the trailer parking area.  Farah refused the the narrow bridge, I walked her across.  The next one, she followed Count & crossed nice & straight.  Great ride!  Erie day!

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