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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back between a set of gray ears :-)

Between Khari's ears~
Last season for whatever reason, I was pushing hard in the winter - conditioning.  Then - after Khari threw me, my transmission slipped into low.  I hadn't had a saddle on Khari since the 25th of October.  But, today - with the sunshine, "our" trails were calling my name.  I decided to just "go easy".  Make an attempt to re-bond with my mare & start with a fresh slate. 

So... I let her do what she wanted.  Her walk, which can be fast, but is most often slow - still was.  She lifted into a nice trot all on her own & it was NICE!  She asked to canter & we did that & it was FUN!  Once out on the power lines, out of the cold shade of the forest & into the warm sun, I let her graze & took in the rays.  The trip back was great too!  Another set of trot & canter.  She started snorting & looking when we were coming up the trail with the ecology blocks.  I took Dean's advice & just let her stop, look & snort.  Once that was over with - I gave her a pat & we moved on.  All very low key.  On the way back I stopped to cut down a lot of small Alders, that by Summer would have completely blocked our trail.  I cut - then went on to attack the blackberry.  Khari helped & at one point - she almost had me lassoed with a long piece she was determined to eat!
View of Mt. Pilchuck on our way home~
It's hard to believe that Khari has been with us for seven years now.  I really enjoyed the way this mare will go through, or take on any obstacle. (Something that I'm working on with Farah.)  My plan is to learn from my experience last year - no need to push - just take my time, follow the trail & enjoy the ride!


  1. so glad you are on her back again! We need to hit the trails and find some sunshine!

  2. So good to see the view between those ears again :)

  3. What a sweet post :) Glad you had a good one!


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