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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Road Trip~

Tree's down north on Burn Rd.
After I mentioned that we'd managed to keep our power, at 11 a.m. this morning - it was out!  We decided to take the Bronco & head up to Arlington.  We made it about 3 mi. north on Burn Rd., when we came up on flashing red lights.  A tree limb had brought down a power line & the road was closed until the power company could arrive.  We turned around, headed south to Getchell Road & on out to Hwy 9.
Snowplow - where's the driver?
Once moving north on Hwy 9, we found the first snowplow we'd seen, partially blocking the southbound lane, no driver in sight?  The highway wasn't too bad, with a lot of fresh snow over the ice & compacted snow.  Sheryl was in her shop & ready to cut my hair!  What a girl!  Steve & Butch talked, while Sheryl worked on me - then Butch & I went on to have lunch.  Arlington Hardware is one of those "mandatory" stops when we're in town.  Now that they have opened the upstairs for clothing & some tack - its fun to see what they have in.  
Farah in her new halter!
 Guess what I found?  :-)  A really pretty new halter for Farah!  I'd been looking for a while, just hadn't seen anything that I thought would be right for her - until now!   New "Graphite" color hardware.   It fit perfectly & she seem very pleased.
We decided to try Burn Rd. for the drive homeThe snow our direction is much heavier than what we saw in town.  Our road hasn't seen a plow & with no shoulder & deep ditches, we took it easy.
Heading Home~
 The lights were back on!  Yippee - power had been out for three hours.  More shoveling, chores & back inside to get WARM!
We're looking forward to the trip to Portland tomorrow.  A stop at the Pacific Northwest Endurance Riders convention - mostly to visit the trade show & check out saddles; then a overdue visit with our good friends the Campbell family!  Maybe a game of "Stones" thrown in with a few good beers!  Beer is always better with friends!  :-)


  1. Yeah, Jim made it to Arlington Hardware today too. I stayed home so our children wouldn't be orphaned if he crashed the truck >kidding<

    See you in Portland, weather permitting!

  2. I like Farah's new halter, very stylish!

    1. Thanks! Even finally ordered the name/address tag for her.


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