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Friday, January 27, 2012

Sunshine Day!

Road to the Farm
Friday the sun appeared!  Since Farah is spending a few days on Dean's farm, I decided to ride Khari down to visit her.  Khari was happy to be going & doing - set her usual unmotivated walk pace of about 3.5 mph.  Our route isn't the safest.  It's a narrow rode with several blind curves & no shoulder in many places - guard rail too.  Butch insists that I wear a bright green safety vest - so most cars that come by slow down.

Once on the farm, we have all the space in the world to ride!  Polito saddled Farah & for the first time I had both mares under saddle together!  What fun to see Farah with a rider & riding Khari along side :-)  When we arrived at the small pasture on the hill, it was dry enough for Polito to show me what he'd been working on with Farah.  Mexican's ride differently- they like the horses head up!  Oh No!  Farah - did her best - as usual to accommodate those raised reins & higher hands.  
Farah & Polito
She did some beautiful side-passing, Polito has also taught her to slide up to heavy rod-iron farm gate, so that he can open & close it from the saddle!  The scratches on her high hind sock were still not under control, so she's staying stalled & getting ridden a couple times a day until Dean has her at 100%.  His stalls are so much bigger than ours, she's certainly more comfortable & her leg can stay dry long enough to heal.  (Farah had her vaccinations over a week ago, Khari now has hers.)

Both mares seemed to enjoy the ride, Khari didn't mind a bit when we left Farah & headed home.  Since Farah has been gone - Khari is as sweet as can be!  Go figure!  First she HAD to have company, we brought Farah home - Khari was thrilled - for about two-weeks.  Then she decided to pull the "boss-mare" thing & has tried to make Farah miserable.  Farah really doesn't care much for Khari now either - after all who wants a "witch with a B" for a friend? 

I'm trying to assess just what my future horse plans might be.  I really would like to do trail classes with Farah.  Having a trainer like Mark Bolender in our state makes it tempting, too bad he's so far away...  Don't know how much more endurance I really want to do...  Starting to get that "been there, done that" feel when I think of continuing with the sport.  Have Home On the Range on my radar again - then will see how I feel.  


  1. I totally understand the Bt/Dt thing...but I still get excited about HOTR >g<

  2. I dunno about you, but for me I think it's just the winter blahs. At the end of last year I was like "yeeeeahhh gotta get ready for Rides of March... I guess... Why am I doing this again?" but now that the weather's getting nicer and the days are longer I'm more excited to spend hours on my horse.

    1. Get what you're saying - but I've been doing it a long time now... If I wasn't sleeping in the horse trailer & had an RV again, might be more enthusiastic. Don't see multi-days in my future & have done all the local rides way more than once. Thinking that backing off that pace & trying something new would be way fun! :-)


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