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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First of Feburary!

Overlooking the Stillaquamish River
Finally, I made it back over to the farm to ride Farah!  From pouring rain last night - to sleet pellets this morning - I still managed a good hour of riding without getting wet.  Farah seemed happy to see me & collected up nicely when I asked.  I'd been using Khari's headstall on Farah - with her slightly larger head, had everything to re-adjust each time. 

I sold the nice Beta Endurance halter/bridal that had been for Jas - to a friend, so had been looking for a while.  Sat. on our way home from Cassidy's basketball game, we stopped at Beth West in Snohomish to look around.  Butch found a rain cover for his new hat - my attention went to the wall of headstalls, where this one caught my eye!
Farah's new headstall
I'd planned to use my set of silver conch's, but the slide was too short.  Took my good ones off Khari's & they fit!  BTW - the amazing silversmith responsible for making these can be found at; JL Smith Silver.  Now Khari will have the silver, which should look good with her gray coloring! 

I brought it with me this morning, anxious to see how it would look, work & fit.  I'd already figured out that it wouldn't work with the Mylar Short Shank bit that I like to use.  I'd had to have Khari's headstall shortened to make it work for her.  There's no way to shorten this one - without loosing some of the bling - so decided to try a snaffle bit that I had hanging in the tack room.  I think it's a little narrow for Farah.  When I went to take it off, she raised her head & seemed to "hold" the bit in her mouth...  That reminded me that her teeth probably need to be done, since I have no idea how long it's been.  Will be scheduling that...

Might drive up to the Bony Pony over the weekend to look at bits.  In the meantime, put the Mylar bit on another older shortened headstall - so that if I decide I might need it - can have it handy to use.  I've not heard other riders complain - but to me that's the draw-back of the Mylar Combination bits - with the length of the shanks, you really have to shorten up any headstall that you use for it.

Funder... where are you & those new clippers when I need you?  :-)  As you can see, Farah could use a trim!  :-)


  1. Beautiful Headstall. She got her teeth done Feb. 25, 2010.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks :-) If I had more money & would spend more money - on tack! :-)

  3. Oh pffft, she's hardly hairy at all! ;) She'd look extra sharp with just a couple minutes work though....

    Man that myler combo looks WAY too complicated for me. I love my short-shank myler but at least it goes on exactly like a normal curb!

    Love looking at that headstall. Glad I'm not the one who has to clean it though. ;)

  4. Ha Ha Ha... For you a couple minutes maybe... for me... it wouldn't be pretty.
    So lets see a photo of the one you use? I'm going shopping this weekend for the bit!
    I thought of the cleaning After I bought it!

  5. Farah's ears match the colors in the landscape!


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