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Thursday, February 9, 2012

When the rain comes...

A year ago today - Mt. Pilhuck under clouds
The ride I'd so looked forward to for today with Joyce - was cancelled due to rain...  After getting somewhat used to riding in the sunshine - gray skies & rain was not what I was hoping for!   Caught up at home yesterday, cleaned the house, did the laundry, sorted through the "in" basket & baked some yummy oatmeal/choc. chip cookies!   Janelle stopped by with an amazingly nice slow-feeder box that she picked up for a great price.  That was yesterday...  Today - the motivation bug just has not made his appearance!  

Part of my lack of ambition stems from hearing that Farah's scratches have taken a turn for the worse again...  Dean thinks due to my riding her through some mud on Sunday.   Her legs were clean when we got back to the trailers, I toweled her down, an hour in the trailer home - so the leg was well dried - but it wasn't enough to stop the bumps from returning.  I was Goggling this morning & found this article by Heather Smith Thomas;  that shows almost exactly what Farah's leg looks like.  http://www.anvilmag.com/farrier/101f5.htm.  I like the idea of the DMSO carrying the treatment deep into the leg.   

This all started November 14th, when she stepped into a hole when we were trying to get to the Wetland.  It was shortly after that ride that the bumps appeared on her high white rear sock - then developed into scratches.  We've been fighting them since.  She's been on the farm since the 25th.  I miss having her at home with us.  (Don't think Khari does :-)  She's receiving the very best of care, a huge nice stall, bedded & dry.  Riding two to three times a day to keep the swelling down & out of the lower leg.  Her front legs had the scratches too, but they were under control & gone in a few days, no high white in the front.  I should be grateful that it's just the one leg - but would be ecstatic to have it All gone!  If you have any miracle cures... let me know!


  1. The scourge!
    I don't have any amazing remedies for you but your not alone- Cartman had a revolving case for about 5 months as a 3yr old. Never anything that dramatic but little scabs that would move from foot to foot.

    I remember using "Micronidazole", I think, got it from the vet but they sell it at the drug store for, ahem, male issues.

    Also I found it helpful to wash and dry his legs with a towel if he came in from the pasture muddy or damp (and who doesn't in Western Wa. this time of year!)

    I've also used the Eqyis Spray on scratches when I felt the need to rotate treatments.

    Hope they clear up soon, it sounds like she's in a good situation to get rid of them!
    Oh, and I would love to meet your friend with the young horse at a ride sometime!

  2. Update! The wormer is Working! The leg went down yesterday for the first time in weeks! I haven't seen it yet, but Dean said it was down 90%. Also said something about having a "Desert" horse... NOT! Now have to research some daily "maintenance" to keep them GONE!
    Thanks so much for the tips! If you're both at HOTR - that will be the opportunity!

  3. So, did you mix up the wormer in DMSO and apply it topically?


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