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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mann Road Ride~

Our Route - East
Several stalwart riders met at the end of Mann Rd. near Sultan at 10 a.m. for what was to be a ride up to the lookout.  We were prepared with saws, pruners etc.  Rain?  It wasn't supposed to rain?  It did!  It was cloudy, cool & we hadn't gone far when the rain came.
Janelle, saw & a smile!
As we started the climb, Janelle & Tami were off their horses & clearing trail.  We were making slow but steady progress!  Then...  we can to larger trees across the road.  8" at least;  the saws came out again & with much sawing, sweating & more rain - they were cut!  We made it about another 100 ft. until we found where the logging crews had cut down at least 20 good sized trees, felling them right across the road...  No way - it would have taken chain saws to even make a dent in this mess.

Plan two!  Ride to the river - who cares if it's raining - by now our saddles were wet, we were wet & we still wanted to RIDE!  Following Lynn & Sara - we did get to the river & stopped for a well deserved lunch break!
Part of our Crew!  Sara, Tami, Janelle & Linnea
Janelle brought along Ding-Dongs to celebrate my birthday!  I rode Khari today - she was "perfect"!  Happy when I went up to get her to go & in a good mood all day!  Of course I know how much she likes new places & meeting new horses, so today was a fun day for her too.  It's been nice to have my gray girl back :-) 


  1. What is this "rain" stuff you're talking about? It totally rained on me today; I had to turn the windshield wipers on at least four times. I looked at rain jackets at Sierra Trading Post but I honestly couldn't even remember what it feels like, much less what I should be looking for in a jacket!

    Sounds like a fun wet ride :D

  2. Ha Funder! Come visit us & we'll teach you ALL about it! :-) You'll be living in that rain gear! :-)


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