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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Good Ride~

Ten-miles at Victoria
The morning started out with drizzle & gray skies, but by noon things were clearing off.  Wanted to get Khari out again, we were the only rig at the trailer parking.  Once we were up on the trails, it was quiet!  No distant traffic, no logging, so still that you could hear the silence!   Very rare & very nice.  Khari picked up a trot on her own, her little 7 mph jog trot; with some controlled cantering too.  She did give a couple sideways glances to a few downed branches etc. but we did the entire ride without a spook!
Bottom of the clear-sut
 The trail at the bottom of the clear-cut is getting more passable, the sun started breaking through the cloud cover.
View east off the ridge
Khari at the Monument
 The sun was warmer on the west facing side of the ridge, so we took a break for Khari to graze while I made a couple calls.  It was well after 3 p.m. by the time we started back & the temperature was dropping.  It's so nice to have Khari back in good spirits.  Whatever caused her funk last year - seems to be over.  Of course Farah isn't back home yet, so we'll see how that affects her moods, but for now - I'm just enjoying having a non-complicated relationship with our gray mare!

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