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Monday, February 27, 2012

The View from Here~

Clear, gorgeous day~
I never tire of the views...  Decided to ride out from home today.  Didn't have the ambition to trailer out somewhere to ride by myself, so took the saved travel time & spent it in the saddle.  Khari wouldn't walk up the road past the sheep without stopping, trying to whirl & refuse.  How many times has she seen those sheep now???  Oh well, no rush - I waited her out, she finally bored herself & we went on.  Once up on top, we checked out the damage from the multiple storms this winter.  One trail closed by a downed tree, but the gate below was standing open & gave us access to the power lines was open.  Lots of water, water everywhere.
Gate to the power lines open~
ATV'ers have broken it open & are tearing through what's left of "my" trails - making a huge mess of everything.  What used to be small puddles are now huge mud holes.  I'm going to call the one landowner I know - who has given me permission to ride & let them know what's going on.  It was all supposed to be developed, but the downturn in the economy has "saved" the land for the time being.
Another "new" gate~
Originally we had miles & miles to ride, but over the years, a section at a time has been closed off.  It' a shame - since I'm the only one who is ever up there now.  On our way home we stopped to talk to our friends, hearing the story of how one of our neighbor's horses died of colic over the weekend.  Always so sad to hear of a colic death.  The mare's sire was my friend Pat's deceased stallion Rocky Ridge Ali.

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