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Friday, February 17, 2012

Blanchard Ride~

Khari, Connie Darlene, Sable, Cinnamon & Kathy
Friday, we were riding "rain or shine".  I met Charlotte at the exit off I-5 & followed her to the trail head where Darlene & Kathy were waiting.  We were saddled & on the trails by 11 a.m.  The wind was blowing, it was cold & looked like rain was on the way - so we brought our rain gear.  We decided on the British Army Trail
Aliento & Charlotte too!

It was as steep, somewhat slippery & as full of sharp turns, rocks, roots etc., as I remembered from my one ride here, a few years ago with Diane.
Looking Southwest~
We set a good pace & covered a lot of ground.  By the time we reached the edge of the lookout area the rain was moving in & wind picking up even more.  After a short break, we headed back the way we'd come.  I heard my name?  Looked ahead & around the corner to see Patty & Kendal!  It was a gaggle of endurance women :-)  Back at the trailers we loaded the horses & headed to a little tavern in Algers for some Great burgers & beer!   Really nice way to end a day's good ride!  The drive home was through heavy rain & lots of traffic, a 100 mile round-trip for me, but well worth it!

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