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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cat & Mouse~

Kathryn Taylor Fide
Slipping in rides between weather systems is getting to be something like a game of cat & mouse!   Five Saddle-Up members met at Kathryn Taylor Equestrian Park for what was to be a faster paced ride.   It looked like we might get wet when we left the trailer parking area, but as the morning turned to afternoon - we stayed dry.  There was quite a lot of wind damage to the tops of the trees, several had been cut to keep the trails clear.  For the amount of rain we've had - the trails were in amazingly good shape.
Riding along Novelty Hill Road
For being in such a heavily populated urban area, it's so great that there is a connected system of multipurpose trails, most through beautiful woodsThe crossing above is one of several that we took, with long lines-of-sight to the crossing - it wasn't bad.  It was Khari's first time down in this area; she took the barking dogs, bridges & weird objects really well.  No spooks, but she preferred to follow :-)  We covered just under 15-miles in 3 hours & 13 min.  a really good pace for a really nice day.


  1. Hey, that ground looks pretty dry! Are the Saddle Up riders all endurance people?

  2. Only a couple of the ladies I've met so far have "dabbled" at endurance, but have met some nice people & great looking horses!


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