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Monday, March 4, 2013


Bracken Road Ride
What an incredible day!  Amanda was true to her word & drove up for a ride with me!  We could not have picked a better day, only wish she'd had more time to ride & worried that I would get her back to the trailers in time to make her other appointments!  Since Amanda is another of those who can remember trails so well, once we were out there & she started seeing the trails, between us we managed to "find" some beautiful single track & make a credible "loop"!
Wooded Trail~
Farah & Cato were happy to see each other, Cato did not get the usual squeal & snarl that other geldings have been receiving lately - they even had a friendly nose touch :-)  Riding horses that can walk out is darn nice I have to say.  With a ground covering walk we could enjoy the sun, the scenery & catch up on all the news :-)  We did some side-by-side trotting - both horses behaving well.  We covered almost eleven-miles, that left both of us wanting more.  Farah didn't even break a sweat & worked on a loose rein again - after our more animated ride on Fri.    Teaching her that we don't go fast all the time & yet keeping all the forward is my goal.  I want to be able to turn it on & turn it off - an energy saving feature that would be one of the expensive options that I'd be willing to pay for in a good horse :-)

By the time we were back at the trailers, the parking area was Full!  Lots of riders out enjoying one of the nicest days we've had so far this year! 

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