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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Brilliant & Beautiful~

With the final days of Daylight Savings time upon us, our late afternoon light will soon be replaced with shadows.  Linda & I wanted to make the most of what is supposed to be our final day of sunshine this week.  Linda wanted to head south at Victoria & go through the trails that were so badly beaten by the windstorm.
Vine Maples
No real views here, but the colors were amazing!  For whatever reason, a lot more color that higher up on the mountain!  I've gotten lost over on this side more times than I can count :-)  I look forward to these guided tours just to see how much I recognize from my forays!
One of the original farm signs~
This section of the tree farm was planted mostly with Fir, that's been there years now & covered with moss.  The under-story plants consist of Salmonberry & Elderberry, not enough light for the maples to get a start.
Fir trees with their fuzzy moss covered branches
Anytime we're in this area I like to visit the river, it was really nice to hear it before we saw it!  I knew after yesterdays ride - that the level was up.  At our access spot, it was clear to see just how much more water was flowing since the last couple rains.
Pilchuck Creek
Farah loves going to the river here, she walks right out, then stands - yawns & almost goes to sleep every time :-)  She did some splashing today - I had a moment where I thought she might actually go down in it - so I checked that move :-)
Farah watching the water!
 Linda had us on a huge "loop" of all trail, the damage caused by the storm was apparent.  Here too, the Cottonwoods took the brunt of the force.  They'd been cut & were waiting to be hauled out.  Seeing them on the ground is almost as impressive as seeing them standing.  The trails were very slick too.  We were both hopeful that they might stay open longer this season, but if we get all the rain that's forecast, we doubt it will happen.
Color & Cottonwoods~
It still surprises me that we're behind on our mileage this season, compared with the last two-years.  There was summer's heat, our saddle issues, other things that took my time, but we're still close enough to the 1,000-mile club.  With luck, we'll be past that milestone shortly~
Open & replanted clear-cut
We rode trails that were overgrown, that hardly anyone rides - even Linda & Count had to do some hunting to find them.  We ended up on one with several large trees down, navigating around following Count, Farah fell front first into a large hole.  She saved us - I didn't go over her neck - which was what I expected to do - Good Girl!  But!  If she'd pay more attention to her footing, instead of where Count is... it would help! 
Our route!
Returning back to the parking, the shadows were already long, the sun setting through the trees.  Linda reminded me that next week, sunset will seem an hour earlier than it was today.  From then on - we'll be chasing daylight!


  1. beautiful place, love the pictures and story :)

    1. Thanks Midge, you recognized my goal with this blog. Stories with photos :-)


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