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Monday, October 26, 2015

Haller to Nakashima - Centennial Trail~

North Fork of the Stillaquamish
It was a gray morning, light drizzle - I loaded Farah & drove to Haller Park.  The last time we did this ride was in July & I love seeing it in the Fall.  With the leaves dropping so quickly now, I wanted to enjoy what was left of the color on the trail.
Bitter Cherry Trees
Our native cherry trees can create a mess, the cherries are Not edible - but their fall color is so lacy looking!  The drizzle was steady all morning.  We did a lot of trotting, so I soon removed my light weight rain jacket & just rode in my vest.
At Pilchuck Creek
There was enough water flowing in the creek that it sounded louder than what we've been used to these last few months.  Only one jogger was on the trail & he turned back long before we did :-)  Farah's mane sparkled with tiny dew diamonds.
Big Leaf Maples
The Big Leaf Maples on the far side of the bridge were stunning - it was like riding into a picture postcard!  It didn't seem like long before we were coming up on the north end of the trail~
Nakashima Barn
Once past & onto the unimproved portion of the trail, we stopped for our lunch.  Nice wet & long reed canary grass was what Farah wanted!  Then we continued on...
Red Dogwood
The dogwoods were just so Bright!  Their color was so intense, especially against the bark of the Alders.  Once up at the top, cars were whizzing by on Hwy 9.  We trotted up the road, headed up the hill, then turned south on the Mainline.  At the end, we dropped down the hillside to the ditch.  I dismounted &  as I expected, Farah leaped it - easily clearing about ten-feet with her jump.  More obstacle training :-)

Soon, we were back at the bridge over Pilchuck creek~

Our pace was steady all afternoon,  the few miles pass quickly heading back to the Bryant Store & on south toward town.
Centennial Trail South~
The only other people we saw on the trail had umbrella's :-)  They kindly spoke to Farah - as she was totally unsure just what they were up to?  Guess I need to get out my umbrella one of these days!
Onto the Trestle
Soon, we were back on the Trestle & happy to be back to the park, we were wet!  Really a great ride - it's finding trailer parking somewhere besides Haller Park that's the struggle.  Many horses, or their riders either - don't appreciate having to cross the Trestle to access this beautiful trail & the beginning of the Whitehorse.
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  1. I am glad you got out to enjoy a wonderful ride in the rain. Jack and I went to Snohomish and went to the antique stores to look around.

    1. There are some fun shops in Arlington too! We could meet for lunch!


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