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Friday, October 9, 2015

Quarry Pond~

Nika - with Dad's flag flying~
Our anniversary weekend!  Butch took an extra day off, we wanted some time to kick back & didn't want to spend it on the road.  We'd made a reservation on Whidbey Island - so close, with hardly any traffic to get there.  It was almost lunch time, I'd told Butch about Seabolt's Smokehouse in Oak Harbor - fish & chips always sounds so good when you're near the water :-)  After a yummy lunch, we drove back to the park - where it didn't take long to set up at our favorite spot in the Quarry Pond camping area.
Late afternoon sunshine~
The wind was blowing, clouds moving in - we wanted to get out & onto the trails.
As you can see, the trails are easy to find :-)
Cornet Bay is tucked away behind this camp ground.  It's a private camp, with cabins & a large kitchen building.   This was the first time we'd seen a group actually using the camp, so we skirted it & headed out toward the bay.
Cornet Bay
Though heavily used, it retains the beauty of this amazingly diverse area.  Last time we were here, there was a Great Blue Herons near the water.
Here he is!
Just as we said it, we saw this guy - not too far away.  I'd only brought my small camera - but it has a decent zoom.  I was happy to snap this before with a swoosh of his big wide wings, he took off across the bay.  The sound of his flight over the still water was eerie~
Butch with Nika & Rascal~
We'd found a perfect spot to sit & watch as the setting sun turned the trees on the far side of the bay to shades of golden brown.
Marina on the bay~
It was almost dark as we hiked back to camp.  It was a perfect evening, stars coming out in the blue/black of the sky.  Time for a bonfire~


  1. Hi Connie, It was so nice to meet you and Linda on the trail at Pilchuck Tree farm recently....Tony and I are the couple from California that used to do
    endurance riding. We camped too on Whidbey at Deception Pass and also at Ft Ebey while on vacation. We loved the Cornet Bay trails too. Tony will be on Whidbey in December to do the Deception Pass 50K run, and we hope to return next summer also. Happy Anniversary to you! --Debbie & Tony Brickel

    1. Really enjoyed meeting the two of you! Ft. Ebey is another favorite of ours :-) Good luck to Tony! Will hope to see you next summer!


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