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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mares - Friends?

Colorful Bracken Ferns at the Bracken Tree Farm
Another simply gorgeous day!  A very cold morning - became a very warm afternoon.  I was just walking Farah down from the barn when the phone rang.  Justin at the gate!  I had totally spaced our farrier appointment!  I was meeting Dena at Bracken Rd. & I knew she had to be on her way!  I called - she was just past Lake Stevens on Hwy 9.  I ran to the gate, let Justin in - then gave Dena directions to get to the Homestead.  I had caught her just in time for her to make the turn!  Thankfully - she had the day off & plenty of time to wait & watch as Justin did Farah's new shoes!
Bella & Farah
Soon, we were at the parking - saddled & on the trail.  Dena hadn't been to Harvey Creek, so we went that way & the mares got a drink & touched noses.  Ever since Bella had kicked Farah at the beach a couple years ago, we keep them somewhat apart.
Maples in yellow~
We meandered through the woods, enjoying the day, the colors & catching up on all that we'd both been doing.  It had been almost a year since we'd seen each other.  I'd missed the turn to the trail going to the river, so turned back.  When I did & started past Dena & Bella - in a split second - Farah kicked out at Bella!  She connected with Bella's shoulder!  It was a relief that Bella didn't a have mark, but I instantly unloaded with my stick & hit Farah as hard as I could three times!  At the third hit - she was ready to buck me off, I'd made my point.
Dena & Bella
Both of us were amazed - Bella had done nothing & Farah had caught everyone totally off-guard.  So very reminiscent of when Bella had kicked Farah for no reason that any human would understand.  It's hard to believe that Farah would have held her grudge & waited all this time to get back at her x-friend - but it's interesting to contemplate.  We continued on our ride - over Tin Bridge where we stopped for a short break.  We tied them a good distance from each other & neither bothered the other.  Bella got an apple, Farah got her carrots & all was good in the horsey world!

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