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Friday, July 15, 2016

Learning Opportunities~

 Another cool, cloudy morning!  Very strange & very nice - as least as far as I'm concerned.  I loaded Farah late morning & we were on the road to our friends farm outside Monroe.   We were invited to a birthday party! 
Karen, Jeannie & Connie
 I unloaded Farah to a stall & within a few minutes everyone had arrived & we enjoyed getting to know each other a little better & share our past experiences with horses.  Of course it had to be the foreshortened version - or we could have been there weeks!  :-)
Yummy cupcakes, I'd brought organic cantaloupe & seedless watermelon - plenty to eat as usual!
Such a beautiful farm~
 By early afternoon, we were all saddling up & ready to do some arena riding!  Farah was pretty at ease, she's made friends with Scott's gelding Rico & after the Clinic with Russell - she was familiar with the stable.
Scott & Gem...  Farah - ready :-)
 It was one of those Friday afternoons where everyone is just ready to kick-back & enjoy the last day of the week.  We appreciate being invited so much - it's really great for Farah to have time in the arena with several well-trained horses.  I'm doing everything I can to teach her that everything we do is not necessarily a race...
Just hanging out with friends :-)
We worked on a few things & I was surprised that Farah remembered more than I thought she had!  Slow trotting has never been her thing - but today we did some & she was praised for it!  Scott also took the time to bring Gem over & Gem tried so hard to befriend Farah :-)  Finally - Farah caved & we let the two touch noses.  The first time for a long time that Farah has met a mare & not acted snarky.
Then there's the view~
You could never call riding in this arena work!  The views are so jaw dropping gorgeous - it's hard to stay focused :-)  We finished up the afternoon on a really nice note.  It seems that as time goes on, my goals do change.  Now that I've contributed to Farah's type A personality - it's time to see if I can teach her to appreciate some new challenges~

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  1. I'm always surprised (& delighted) by Farah's colour - she's so pretty.


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