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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wind in the Trees~

After light rain most of the night, the morning dawned cool & damp.  By early afternoon - the sun broke through & the day warmed up!  The first of the week had been busy - so today was time to ride!
On this trail, Foamflower dominated the ground covers!  Farah was happy that her usual spots on the trail held water.  We stopped by the Wetland - things here are looking like Summertime!
It was a quiet afternoon, only one other trailer in the parking area when we left.  We were just a short way around our loop when we found the Excavator parked as we rounded the corner.
No shy - just forward motion, we were late for Farah's lunch!  On the trail to the monument, there were the remains of pine cones all over the forest floor!  Evidence that the Squirrels & maybe birds too are tearing the new cones apart to feed on the seeds inside.
Pieces of pine cones~
Out in the sun, it felt warm!  The humidity was higher today than it has been, muggy is the best description.  I'm trying a new fly repellent on Farah & it seems to work much better - even though I killed my first Bot fly as it landed on her neck.
Looking West~
Yesterday, I visited again with friends in Snohomish & enjoyed auditing as a trainer taught Scott's young mare to hobble.  Quite a process & the mare is so smart that she quickly understood.  I'm taking Farah again this week - such fun place to visit! 
From the Monument~
My first visit in a while now - where we had the place to ourselves.  Such a low key kind of day - I could have easily taken a nap.
Lake McMurrary~
There's something about this mountain...  I'm always thankful to be able to ride here & it's a real pleasure on those rare days we have it to ourselves~
Getting the exact bite!
We took our time & just meandered.  Soon, my trails from home will be gone & I'll be relegated to the tree farms, Lord Hill & the lineal trails.
Mt. Washington
I want to do more exploring on the Morgan Horse Club side & find another way around a gate with a deep drop off to the side.  The clear-cut continues to grow - so the challenge will be to find myself an enjoyable loop or two - where I can avoid the logging trucks.
Clouds over Mt. Pilchuck
Greens & blues ruled today - so much cooler than last July - I have to hope it continues.  We took several shaded trails.  At one point Farah stopped & pricked her ears - we both listened to the wind in the trees...  I love that sound & the breeze was the perfect addition to what was really a perfect day.

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