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Friday, July 29, 2016

Rainbow Falls - Day One~

With the camper loaded - when Butch came home Thursday afternoon - we were soon on the road & heading south.  We'd planned to meet our youngest daughter & her family for a Summer camping trip for months!  Of course as time went on, it seemed that we'd need at least three of this particular weekend to do all the things that we were either invited to or could have scheduled to attend.  When it comes to time with three of our favorite Grand-kids though - there's no question as to where we'll be!
  I'd somehow managed to think we were heading to a park in OR - we'd planned on stopping for dinner on our way.  By the time we reached Chehalis - we were hungry!  Shortly after we were back on the road, Grandson Ben called - checking on the status of his bike :-)  Thankfully - when I told him we were leaving Chehalis he said;  "Great!  You'll be here soon!"  I said;  "What?!"  Whereupon I was informed that I had the wrong spot in mind & indeed we were only one exit past where we needed to turn to reach Rainbow Falls State Park.  We pulled into the park & here was Ben & his Mom waiting for us with flashlights to guide us to our spot.  It was pitch black - but I could see that we had Huge trees all around us!  Stars sparkling in a black sky!
It was So quiet, just the sound of the wind in the truly amazing old growth trees!  Friday morning, Butch was out ahead of me - I saw why when I went over to the kids camp across the way :-)
Josie & Papa~
Soon, we were on the trail to find the river!  Friday was a very warm day & cooling off sounded perfect!  The Chehalis River is truly amazing - it's destructive history of flooding is extensive.  Photos at the Kiosk showed all the damage just within the campground - where a beautiful bridge was swept away.
This river was very different from others I've seen, with layers of bedrock under the water.  The water level was summertime low & very warm.
Grandson Ben makes a splash!
It was the perfect place to spend a warm Summer weekend!  Rascal had been in the Sauk River, so walked along the edge & didn't mind getting his feet wet.  Nika - wanted nothing to do with it!  Finally, I put her in & with a lot of coaching from Butch she stood in the water :-)  No way did she plan on going in any further! 
Nika in the water :-)
 We all had some good laughs at her expense :-)  We watched as the sun moved lower in the sky & eventually the kids were ready to dry off & head back to camp.  Dinner was yummy - as it always is when you're camping.  After dinner we celebrated Josie's fourth birthday!
A Ballerina Music box!
  The Chocolate cupcakes were a big hit!  Sitting around the fire was the perfect end to a perfect day.

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