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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

One More Time~

Since the rest of my week is busy - today was my last chance to get Farah out before next week.  The temperatures were supposed to be cooler today - I was all over that!  The morning was overcast & cool as predicted.  I had the idea of stretching my mental photo of the southern trails at Victoria.  

Only two trailers at the parking area.  We left out the back - did a short trail - then as we were crossing the main trail - here came a buggy!  The driver pulled up a way off - but I think a Norwegian Fjord was in the traces!  The driver had a flag on a pole in the back - Farah had to do a double-take!  Way too fun!
Big Cedars, Vine Maples & Huckleberry
I'd found such a handy way of getting back from the river when we last went that way the first of June.  I told myself then - that I would remember it - for our next trek that direction.
Can you tell what this is?
We didn't loop the top of the mountain, instead I took the shortest route I knew, down the big hill, to head south. 
Port Blakely Sign
Again, I thought this would be good way to stay in the shade & it worked out really well, except for the humidity, which was higher than yesterday & heavier in the lower forest tract.
So cute~
We ambled on & eventually came to this sign, which told me that we were not going the way I'd hoped.  I'd found the other end of this same trail one day when I was looking for a trail back north & became direction-ally challenged.   
Farah in the Creek~
Once we came out on the road - I recognized where we were.  It wasn't too much farther to the trail that goes to the creek.  By now it was almost 2 p.m. & we'd not had our lunch break!  To make matters worse, I'd forgotten Farah's carrots!  She walked right into the creek & started her usual yawning.  For a mare who used to be terrified of any water at all - she really enjoys standing in it now :-)
Ripples on the water~
I made a serious mistake though - I looked down to take this photo & in the next instant my vertigo hit!  No reason for mine has ever been found - it's been a lifelong problem, so I can't even attribute it to aging - which it seems can be blamed for almost any health problem one might have!  Not!  Needless to say - we left the water fast!  I walked for over a mile until I felt better enough to mount back up.  Farah was unhappy about this & kept urging me forward with her nose in my back :-)
Today's route~
Just to give you an idea of all the trails through this area - the Google image below is from three different rides.  I wonder how long it would take to overlay them all?  Way back when, when we were younger & cleared even more trail than now...  these trails were only a part of the two-day, fifty or 100- mile Competitive Trail rides.
Southern trail tracks~
 Back at the parking, I was disgusted to find a Gatorade bottle, trash & my least favorite - cigarette butts tossed everywhere.  There was also a sheet of paper with a Google earth image & directions as to how to get here - all laying where the trailer next to me had been parked.  That sheet also showed where those riders lived, which wasn't that far?   What would they have said if I'd taken all the trash they'd left back to them?  Fun to contemplate - but I get in enough trouble without making more.  I hope if I do see them again - they'll remember to Leave No Trace!

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