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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Farah - Ready for shoes~

My shoer kept asking;  "Are you sure she hasn't had shoes before?"  Farah was That good :-)  Even with Khari up at the barn "huffing" & out of sight - all went well.  She didn't like the sound of the anvil, but stood for nailing like a pro.  Her feet aren't big, at OO, but with time we may get a little more width. 
Right Front with a bit of gravel damage
Left Front
Right Hind
Left Hind
Farah's feet, regular trimming schedule.  In these photos they've been trimmed & are ready for shoes.  Lots of heel, nice wide frogs, thick hoof walls, deep frog furrows, (indicator of sole thickness)  angles 55 on all four.  Very even wear over all four feet. 


  1. Looking really fine, actually!

  2. I thought so too. Of course you know I can be "fixated" on feet!


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