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Friday, July 15, 2011

Farah's Second Ride on the Trail~

Farah & Connie
Our second trail ride!  This time, we left from Joyce's, then headed up to the power lines, out onto the logging roads, up a big climb to about 1,500 ft. - then finishing with trail that would loop us back around.  The sun came out as we were climbing & with it - the humidity went through the roof!  Farah hardly took a deep breath! 
Today's route
We DO have some work to do when it comes to ditches though!  We took a trail back where there were a series of whoop-De-dos - as we call them - soil berms put in to keep the dirt bikes from using the trail.  Even in July - water was flowing at the bottom of each.  Farah started down, then took the bit in her teeth & made this HUGE leap to the other side - with my back getting snapped in the process, I'd given her too much rein!  Joyce put her Anne into the next ditch ahead of us - giving Farah no choice except to step down & step out - which she did.  We'd used this same technique when I was starting Khari.  Big Thank You to Joyce!

A long ride - for a newbie mare - at twelve miles.  When we arrived back home, Farah was dry & looked ready for more!  Even with our continuing education on trail obstacles - Joyce commented that Farah seemed to be having a good time :-)


  1. Woah, what you call woop-de-doos are totally different from what we call woop-de-doo (or woops for short). Ours are the wavy potholes-and-hills dug out by the motorized vehicles over time. I have miles of them on my local trails. Ours are maybe 5' from hill to hill and they dip down a foot or two, so they're just really hard to ride and hard on the horses.

    I have never cured a ditch-leaper. I have gotten really good at sensing when they're going to leap so I can hang on! Totally unhelpful, I know :)

    1. Re-building this year of the blog & I'm happy to report that Farah is long over doing the leaps!


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