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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Great Day for a Ride!

View to the Northwest
After the layer of marine cloud cover burned off, we enjoyed a gorgeous day!   I'm finally done with my week of  restriction, after eye surgery last Tue.   When the email came in from Charlotte saying that she planned to ride late afternoon,  I started trying to figure out a way to go!  I'd planned a bath for Khari, who - being a gray - will find any mud she can & roll in it daily!  She was also scheduled for shoes mid-afternoon.  Art had left a message saying that he might be early, so I called & asked "how early"?   He came in time to get shoes replaced & I had her in the trailer a few minutes after!  In spite of the wet conditions this year, her feet looked good. I was happy to get the pads off from Renegade.
Charlotte & Aliento
We were warned in the parking area that the trails were muddy, actually it's surprising to us both that the tree farm has let the trails open, considering how wet it's been.  It was slippery, but we took it easy on the trails & shared with several bicyclists.  The tiny black biting fly's were thick, so it took some spray!  I didn't have the setting correct on my GPS today, so no Google image. 


  1. Oh it was! Too bad they're invasive weeds that have taken over the clear-cut... Hopefully they'll get rid of them & re-plant!


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