Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Off to Mexico! :-)

What fun it is to see your horse under saddle!  We usually spend so much time on the top, that it's seldom we have the opportunity to enjoy the view from the ground!  When waking to a drizzly, gray day - I was happy to have a reason to pull out the trailer & head for the farm.  I had an appointment for Farah to get the once over from our friend Dean Essex, DVM.  Having his professional horseman's eye look her over is something that I value.   Getting the low-down as to what the weaknesses & strengths of a horse may be, is a real advantage - both for their future training & work.  What can reasonably be expected & what to guard against or hope to improve.
Polito on Farah
Polito, the farm manager at GFTF - was happy to ride Farah - at Dean's request.   (He has been trying to talk me out of Khari for some time now, saying that she would be Very happy in Mexico having babies!  :-)  Not!  Once Farah was saddled, away they went, moving out at a nice pace.
Back from the ride~
As they came back down the drive along the river, Farah was still moving in a relaxed manner, tail carried soft & swaying from side to side.  Dean has a term for this, the first word starts with an "H" & the last is "Swagger" :-)  Dean asked Polito his opinion of the mare?  Polito replied that he would just ride her on down to Mexico!  My amigo, owner of the saddle said;  "Just ship the saddle back when you get there!"
Farah doesn't think so :-)
What are friends for?  :-)  These two have my number:-)  Maybe I should get the mare branded?  Farah, as I'm finding out, just plain loves going & doing!  She's up for whatever we put her to & that's something that I really like.   I can just see her in the parades with one of our cute Granddaughters riding! 


  1. She sure is pretty--I'm glad she's working out so well for y'all!

  2. Thanks! She's so much fun to ride! We started worrying that Polito wouldn't come back at all :-)


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