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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It Happened Again!

Bright green foliage of Spring~
I'd scheduled another of those "must" do appointments, teeth cleaning :-(  Guess what?  It was another stellar morning!  The personnel in the dentist office - when I explained my dilemma, responded with the suggestion of booking my schedule solid - so that the rest of the residents of WA would benefit from my weather predicting knack!  Not!

Instead, since the afternoon was staying almost as nice as the morning, I saddled Farah & we headed out to enjoy the filtered sunshine & get in a short gallop or two.
The Wetland has taken over the access road~
Sometimes things stay the same, sometimes they change quickly.  Since the last time I was up here, the wood debris had been washed away from the water's edge & opened up the flow over the road.
The water of the wetland was as still as a mirror~
It was one of only three rides so far this year where I could get away with long sleeves & a vest.  The bugs are really coming out now - even if somewhat delayed from "normal" temperature years.
Down the hill~
We took some trails through the woods, went through sections of the trees where there wasn't a trail & came out high enough to see the way I take on west.
Here's a section of the steep hill down~
We didn't go as far today, it was getting late & after finding my second Trillium of the season, we turned for home.  The first two I'd seen last week looked pretty "sick", falling over on their stems.  This one was at least healthy~
The view down & across the width of the valley is an ever-changing panorama~
Mt. Pilchuck & Green Valley
Great way to get the vision of where you live in the big, wide, world.   This view has changed a several times over the years, but I've always wished the the Homestead sat up here!  We stopped to talk to Pat & family - the puppies are All too cute!  As we turned out at the bottom of our road, Butch was turning up!  Farah was Very Happy to see him & we zoomed right up to the gate behind his truck!  :-)

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