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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 - First Ride!

Mt. Rainier - 12:23 p.m.
Finally, Lynn & I managed to arrange a ride!  We'd hoped to go on a long point-to-point, but with all the flooding, the trails that we might have done this on - were under water in many places!  Instead, I talked Lynn into coming up to Victoria, where on the mountain, the roads are dry.
Our lower loop
During our much enjoyed time off the trails - I called Garmin & finally figured out how to overlay my routes onto Google Earth - again!  Not only that, but now I can go back & save images of the rides I did last year - happy - happy me :-)
Lynn & Sophie
It was really nice to have company on the ride - it had been too long!  Lynn & I had plenty to catch up on :-)  Every time Farah tried to act up toward Sophie, or started her bucking routine, I just turned her around, walked her back the way we'd come - she would sigh & we'd turn back.  All in all, a pretty successful way to manage her & she did seem to enjoy having company with us as much as I did.
Plenty of water~!
All the little streams were very full & we could hear them before we saw them!  It was cool in the shade, but so warm & wonderful in the sunshine!  When I was going through Arlington about noon - it was 44.  Coming home this afternoon - about 4 p.m. it was again 44 - with fog moving in.
Mt. Rainier 3:10 p.m.
There was an amazing view of the mountain both as we started out & as we were returning!  Heavy cloud cover or fog over the lowlands~
Farah's "Saddlebred" look :-)
Just after I took the photo, we saw a horse far up the hillside - which put Farah on alert :-)  Thanks for the photo Lynn!  A really stellar day for early January! 


  1. Your picture with Mt. Rainier in the background turned out great. You can not even see the mountain in my pictures. Definitely looking forward to our next ride! This was Sophie longest ride since we rode SVT October 1st.

    1. A stellar day, indeed! I think I'll move there! Haha.

  2. Welcome 2015! Envious of all your water, we got a little then nature forgot about us again! Lovely photos, especially the different Mt. Ranier views.


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