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Monday, January 19, 2015

Mudslide on the Whitehorse~

Trail Closed!
Today was one of those changeable days that start out overcast & gray - but by early afternoon it was warm enough that I was thinking that even if it did rain - it wouldn't last long.   Butch has to work  some nasty hours, trying to finish up the project he's been on for over a year.  Today, he left early & will work through the night - meaning - no need to cook dinner!  I did chores, gave Farah a good brushing, loaded her up & we headed to Bracken Rd.  The parking lot was packed!  I didn't recognize anyone, but on three-day weekends, we get people driving up from everywhere.
Soon to be solar powered water pump for a water tank~
We rode up to check out the new addition to the tree farm, funded by our local Back Country Horsemen Chapters.  It looked almost ready - will be such a nice addition & in a good spot too.  On we went, out to Tin Bridge.
Winter Woods~
 It was a beautiful afternoon, big white thunderheads rolling around, some looked threatening - but we stayed dry!
Lots of water flowing down the North Fork~
I wasn't surprised to see all the water in the river - I love the sound of it flowing by~
Looking back~
I wanted to ride toward Arlington & check out what the quarry is doing just past the start of the trail there.  Riding along the river is so relaxing & it's a nice quiet section - just a little noise from 530 in places.
Farah sees something~
Someone in an orange jacket had managed to get down the hill on the far side of the river!  No trail & nothing there - so have no idea what he was doing.  With the heavy rock on this portion,  walking is tough enough - but I was surprised at the way the rock has actually packed down some from what it has been.
When we saw the brush & fallen trees over the trail, we were a mile west from Tin Bridge.  I stood up on the saddle & got this shot of the section of hillside that had slipped.  I don't think the mud itself reached the trail, it's the trees & brush that will have to be cut away.  As we were discussing in the meeting last week - taking on this trail is a Huge Challenge!  So many places were the banks are high & the soils crumble easily.  Just as we found this - my phone chimed with a message from a friend - who'd found the slide from the far side.
These chunks are what the sandy mud looks like as it falls off the hill~
It's easy to see how an entire mountain side slid...
By the time we got back to the trailer parking, there was only one other rig besides ours.  Farah looked up as we were getting ready to leave & here came Kathryn!  She told me about some of the clinics at Rhodes River - sounds like fun - so may have to sign-up for one :-)  We need two more riders to get a really decent price for three days of riding.  If anyone reading this - who lives in our area is interested, let me know!

Was really good to get in a nice ride on a super nice day in January!

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