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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sun Lovin' Ridin'

Between Bizy's Ears :-)
Today - Lynn again came up to ride with me & I was happy that she did!  The day was another - so incredibly beautiful that no one would believe we're still in the month of January.  It had been a long time since Lynn had ridden Bizy with us.  The two mares recognized each other & both stayed calm on the trail.  We took it easy - since Bizy is recovering from her latest outbreak of hives & hasn't had much trail time. 
Lynn & Bizy
  We decided to meet at Bracken, so we headed out to the valley on the Whitehorse trail - which is where the first photo was taken.  To get here we have to go over Tin Bridge - it was slippery!  I for one, will be happy when the day comes that the new non-slip grates are installed.
Heading over~
I thought about going out to see the work that Jerry did cutting up the trees & brush that came down with the mudslide, but it's heavy going & too much work for Bizy at this point of her conditioning.  Instead, a snack in the sunshine, watching the mares graze worked just fine.  Both of us more into enjoying the sunshine than anything else.
Hum...  plenty of fresh grass here :-)
It seemed a shame to have to head back - I think the four of us would have had no problem spending the afternoon :-)
(As I was getting in the Bronco to leave today - I heard a lot of chirping & looked up over the roof of the house to the tops of the Aspens - full of Robins!)  On our way back, we again heard birds & saw them flying between the big trees.  We stopped to watch at least two Woodpeckers - flying among the big Douglas Fir & pecking for insects.  I'm sure the birds are as confused as the rest of us over this springlike weather!

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