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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Finding an Old Road~

Cascade Peaks~
Yet another stellar day, Linda & I had a plan to our ride today.  We both miss riding the trails so much - but are thankful for the miles of logging roads that we can use through the wet months.  There are now plenty of hoof prints, even if we've yet to see a single trailer in the parking area.
Going down~
Years ago, when Linda was hosting Competitive Trail rides on a regular basis here, there were many trails that are now either gone, or so heavily overgrown that they're almost impossible to find.  Logging too, contributes to the landscape looking so different, that again - trails disappear.  This clear-cut has been done for a while now & is replanted.  We took it & Linda was hoping that she'd find some remainder of a trail that went to the base of the mountain & to Hwy 9 - near the north end Centennial Trail.
Lake McMurrary
We Found it!  It had originally been a road, we started down & got over half way before the water running off the mountain - found the trail to be the path of least resistance & turned it into a small creek.  It has been a small creek for many years now - but when things dry out - we plan to come back & see just what would need to be done to re-open it.
Going back up!
Farah is in season, Count was in rare form & the two of them about wore us out!  Even with 1,987 ft.  in elevation gain on this ride & being out for five hours, they were both full of themselves when we headed back! 
Linda's trail~
The final hillside that we go down, to get back to Linda's is always so pretty in the late afternoon when the sun slants through the Salmonberry's with it's golden glow~

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