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Monday, January 12, 2015

Where Trails End~

Where once a trail was~
Linda & I had a plan for today - since the trail she uses to access the tree farm was wiped out by recent logging - we wanted to check it out from at least one end.   On top of that - Linda is on her new property & still has a driveway to get put in.  I can't get my trailer in there, so we have to meet up on the farm.

I've been fighting with something - not sure what...  But if anyone can get me in the saddle, it's Linda. I pulled into the parking area just as two friends - had just finished their morning ride, in the sunshine.  I left the first time without my helmet - went back for it & on our next attempt - Farah was in her Full Trot mode & we were cruising.  I swear she knew we were meeting up!  As we rounded the final corner where I expected Linda & Count to be - they were!  So we headed over to see what one end of the new clear-cut looked like.
Linda in the middle~
If you haven't experienced it first hand - it's incredible how different a landscape that you thought you knew - looks like after being logged.  We thought we might "find" the trail & ride through - but after Farah almost went down, we decided that I would hold the horses & Linda would scope it out.
Linda "Scoping"~
It's rough - very rough - but we're already making plan to figure out a way though.  At this point, we turned back & headed up to the Monument.
The fog rolls in~
It was chilly in the sunshine, but let me say that when this fog came in - it became bone chilling!  We ate a late lunch anyway - then started down.
Sunshine trying to break through the fog~
We kept hoping that the sun would win out & it finally did, just as we were about back to the trailer parking!
Lake McMurray under fog~
Linda still had another three-miles to ride to get home.  I loaded Farah for our drive home.  Farah thought it pretty darn strange that Count was leaving without us!  :-)  Count would have preferred a trailer ride I'm sure!  :-)
Our track
 Next, re-establishing the trail!

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