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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Beach Trip - First Ride~

Say What?
Camp was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop!  Butch was up ahead of me, by the time I was out - he was nowhere to be found?  I headed up to Camp Central - Bonnie's camp & that's where I found him!  :-) It seemed that there was an issue with the generator...  Butch became the mornings entertainment - we sat, drank coffee & watched!
I won't say what comments were made here :-)
Butch decided that it was possibly the starter & since breakfast had been delayed, we All thought it was worth a trip to town to have it checked & of course have breakfast!  We were all very hungry - after watching Butch work!  We did offer him coffee up there!  Wanda's was closed on Wed., so we went to the Big Wave Cafe!  Wow!  How many ways can you say Good Food?  Great Service & Good time?  The starter was checked & working just fine.  With more questioning during breakfast - Butch & Dean realized that they hadn't asked enough questions!  Had to be the batteries!  Yes it was!  With that decided, the rest of us decided it was time to ride!
Heading out onto the trails~
The clouds had burned off, the day was really warming up & the horses were anxious to get on the trail!  The first wave of our group had come in with us, the remainder were arriving today.  We rode south to the inlet of the bay.
Sea Lions napping on the sand~
Newly arrived in this area - the unwanted & stinky Sea Lions...
Farah watches our friends!
Farah was so full of herself, that I let her out for a little gallop, then we turned back to get some photos!  There's always wind at Nehalem - a light mist in the air too - magical.
Janelle & Marilyn~
The colors on the coast are always so changeable, turn a different direction & you go from the warm color of the sand to the cool blues of the water & waves...
Heading North ~
With Butch in camp - wiring up new batteries, I used my new Cannon for the photos & love how great they look!  Riding in my borrowed saddle, I was already a little sore - just from the different position.  Farah was happily taking every advantage - she could feel I'm sure - the difference in my seat & security.  I hadn't had time to take a ride with it from home, so was ready to turn back to camp & make some adjustments :-)

Soon, Sandy & Ody were pulling in!

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