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Monday, June 1, 2015

Pixie's Visit!

Skyla & Josie!
Ben has been coming over on Monday's to do our mowing!  We both appreciate his help so much!  He's been saving up for the parts to build a computer.    Today - when I woke to the wonderful smell of rain - which is oh so welcome, I knew that Ben would want to go ahead & mow in it! Usually, his Mom brings him & we return him home later in the afternoon.  This trip, his two little sisters wanted to see Farah!
Farah gets a smile from Josie :-)
When confronted with Farah's size - both girls were re-thinking their request :-)  Soon though - Josie decided that with Mommy there - Farah might be OK?  Skyla - on the other hand - wanted nothing to do with petting Farah!  :-)
Farah did her best!  :-)
Of course the carrots came out & the girls were even More impressed with the size of that mouth!  Farah had to yawn too - giving them the full view :-)  With places to go & people to see, they were back on the road all too soon.

Ben & I had lunch - then he started mowing in the rain...
Ben mows, Nika keeps an eye on him :-)
I couldn't stand it - so headed out myself & started sawing lower limbs off the Oak, then working on the never-ending weeding!  Butch got home early for him - knowing Ben was staying for his favorite dinner - Porcupine meatballs & spaghetti!   While I was in the kitchen, Butch & Ben went on-line to order the remainder of the parts Ben needed.  It was like the old days - when Ben was just a little tyke & spent his Thursday's with us :-)

It's so much better when he's here with me - I've always enjoyed working outside - but it's just better when I can look up & see him!   Ben asked last week, if our place was "New" when we moved in?  I had a laugh over that!  Far from new!  So, we got out the album & looked at the way things were over 25-years ago!  Photos of his mother when she was 13, Abby as a puppy, the forest half as tall, just an older manufactured home in an open field...  The acreage we both wanted - too naive then - to recognize the years of hard work we'd signed up for.  Work that grows, changes & results in even More work!  Now - if I could just find a way to return to the age I was then!

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