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Monday, June 29, 2015

Hot, Buggy, Humid & Overgrown!

Farah enjoys ripping the Reed Canary Grass
With any horse, it seems you have those regular rides, those good rides & some special rides.  This day - Farah gave me a really unexpected special ride!  Even though it was difficult, we both got torn up by the blackberry & attacked non-stop by the bugs - she stepped up to the plate & let me know that we're - partners!
Water still flowing out of the big wetland~
It was 89 degrees when we left home, hotter on the paving as we headed up to the trails.  (I'd wanted to attend Renegade this coming weekend, but with the heat - I had to ask myself why?  No fun for me or for my mare - to work as hard as I know she would have - in record breaking, sweltering weather.)   We both were more than ready for some trail time - at least leaving from home, I knew we'd have some shade.  What I forgot, was how overgrown things become by the end of June!
The trail is where?
Just getting out through the first section - took teamwork!  I'd pull back a blackberry vine with my stick, Farah would step over the ones trying to entangle her legs, then drop her head & go under the one I was holding up!  We'd had just enough rain this morning to drop everything down low.  The humidity was high & the bugs were awful!  I'd bought one of the masks that go over a bridle, but did I think to put it on her?  Not!  Between smashing the biting flies, getting snagged on the blackberry & the general miserableness of the weather - we still had an amazing ride.  We worked together!  My girl was on a loose rein, collected up - so strong & forward - her best ever!
Whether sprayed or dying, some of the Scotch Broom is dead & bone dry...
The ugliness of the dead invasive was both good & bad to see.  Good that some of it is dead, bad that it's so tinder dry.
The beauty of the blooming Fireweed offset the dark, nasty brown weeds.  We went up to the top of our short loop & stopped in the shade of the forest for a break before turning back.
This wetland still has plenty of water - good to see~
Since this area is a Narnia for natural water sources & has been forever, it was good to see it holding it's own in this season of drought & record breaking temperatures.
Beaver's newer pond~
The Beaver's latest pond though - is almost empty.  It didn't look like anyone had been up here - so I don't know if this is due to the drought or not.  The little creek is nearby & still has water.

Everywhere she could - Farah would leap up into short bursts of speed & we got in several short gallops!  She was so forward today - walking along at 4.5 to 5 mph.  Fast enough that even walking we had a breeze!  :-)  This alone let me know that the Supracore pad is working for her & her comfort level has improved.
Dry view of Mt. Pilchuck~
Any remaining snow is long gone off the peak.  The neighbor's fields are turning brown, the quarry & logging operations outside town have changed the view.  Butch was home when we returned - I hosed Farah off, sprayed her down & she headed out to her pasture for a good roll.  Feels good to know that things are back to working for us!

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