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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

On the Road! Oregon Bound!

10 a.m. Southbound - I-405
Our little caravan met-up at Clearview - excited to be loaded & on our way!  I think it gives everyone a more secure feel to have friends with you on the longer trips, especially when hauling horses!  The population has exploded to such an extent that now, it seems the highways are packed most of the time.  We could have avoided it by a 4 a.m. departure - but once we cleared the city - things were better.
Janelle's nice new trailer!
We made one fuel stop, picked up snacks, drinks & were back on the road in no time.  The weather was perfect.  We also were picking up another friend in Olympia, that was where I let Farah out for a short break & she made new friends with a Dad & his little daughter :-)
Leaving Astoria~
The Astoria Safeway is our final stop - after hours on the road, we usually remember all the stuff that we forgot!  :-)  Another two hours & we were checking in!  The Rangers made our day by telling us that we're their favorite group!  We've gained that title by obeying the rules & keeping our camp sites clean & neat!
Settling in~
It was a relief to pull into our site & start setting up.  The Beagle on the picnic table - knew he was in trouble - but maybe we were going to cook something on the barbecue?  Farah recognized where we were right away.  She's such a Great traveler - takes it all in stride as long as there's hay in the bag!
It was chilly & the wind was blowing.  Everyone was tired & all those negative ions were blasting away at us!  We had dinner, took the dogs & horse for a walk & bed sounded Great!  There's just nothing like sleeping at the ocean!

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