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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sunshine Afternoon~

Heading toward Butch~
Stellar - how many ways can you say it?  We'd started out up the dune trails, checking out every one we could find :-)  Then - once we were on the beach, I called Butch to tell him we'd be heading his way.  We could see him up ahead from a couple miles out!

Butch took some photos - then did this video of us.  Farah again - was happy to be trotting along side Ody - she wasn't pulling to get ahead, not giving him the sideways nasty looks that she does when others try riding beside us...  We'd ridden what had become our usual loop, but each day was so fresh & new that everything we saw felt the same!
Heading north to Mazanita~
 We decided to go on north & see how far we could get before reaching the river.  Ody hesitated at the water crossing - so Farah - who of course didn't like water at ALL when I first started her - decided to show him how it was done :-)
Butch's signage :-)
The red bandana that had been attached to the post marking the way back to the horse camp - had finally blown away & it was really hard to find the post from the beach!  We'd mentioned this to Butch & he tried to mark the way for us!  Sadly - by the time we were back - it had been blown away in the strong wind!

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