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Friday, November 20, 2015

Exploring After the Storm~

It was our coldest morning to date!  I was very happy to have our power back on this morning!  Scott & Barb were heading up to the MHC to do some exploring & had invited me along.  They know the trails on this side of the tree farm as well as anyone - they put a lot of them in!
The first challenge!
Yes, of course there was a chainsaw in the back of the rig, pruners & a saw.
Blow down~
There were blown down trees everywhere we looked along most of the roads & some of the trails.  Still amazes me how shallow the roots of the big trees are.  Enough water falls from the sky - that they just don't need to sink them deep.
Clearing the way~
Scott made short work of the tree, while Barb & I hauled away the mess.  Then, we continued on up the mountain.  I was hopeful that we'd get high enough for a view or two.  We parked in a place that I recognized from my many rides here with Joyce.  I always recognize places - no problem with that - but when it comes to finding them again when I want to...  Well...
Scott & Barb in action!
I did recognize that we were going to hike up the very steep trail that I have ridden before & it's a climb!  A big rotten log was our first major obstacle.  We were throwing all the debris we found off the trail - managing to get these logs chucked off the side too.  It's a steep drop - so plenty of places to get it well off the trail.
I was as excited as usual to be high enough to see at least a little of the view!  It was just a spectacular Fall morning.  We all agreed that it wasn't as cold on the mountain as we'd expected & that was nice!
Scott looks for the trail~
We hadn't climbed much farther when suddenly we had nothing but trees & limbs in our faces.  Lots & lots of trees!  We could also hear the logging operation up higher.  Scott had heard that the logging was done, but no - they're still working.
Scott went one way, I went the other - scrambling over what we could to try to get to the top & see just how much work we'd have.  Neither of us made it...  No way!  Thank heaven Barb stayed where we could both hear her to find our way back!

Morning was almost over, noon coming up & we were hungry!  We met other friends for lunch at Ellie's near the Arlington Airfield.  Good food & good company - Great way to end a stormy, cold week!

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