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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Yellow & Golds~

Rain - lots of rain, warmer & gray.  Not the kind of morning that makes me think I'll get in any saddle time.  I've told myself that I'm going to get some projects done this Fall & Winter - determined.  By noon though - the skies started to clear & within an hour it was such a sparkling afternoon that I just couldn't Not go!
Glorious Golds
 Farah was ready, we left from home.  Something that is so wonderful to be able to do & something that I have enjoyed all our years here.  But on the trail that leads to the Cathedral Cottonwoods we can now hear the sounds of the construction...  Sad, so sad...
Farther up the trail~
Soon we were past it, further up & the glory of the day was so spectacular that the feeling of joy was stronger.  As a child I was always looking for those private, remote spaces - even if it was an overgrown lot in a neighborhood.  My Grandmother had one next door to her house when I was very little, she let me go there.  Later living in Boulder, Dad would take me on walks & there too, was a empty lot with trees & grass.  Living at the base of the front range of the Rockies, gave us plenty of room to explore too.
Yes, this used to be a trail~
 One of the strongest reasons for being an Equestrian - besides the horses themselves, to me - has been the ability to get out into higher, wider & more remote places.  I like to hike, but being ten-feet tall is really grand!  It almost seems strange when I frame photos on foot!  :-)
Beautiful fresh fungus!
 We went north, far north, then took two different old trails & I use the term loosely.  One had gone through to another area west, way back when - but now is so overgrown, that it's totally impassable.  Of course on the far end, development has encroached.
Vine Maples
 Yellows & Golds rule this time of year!  Everywhere I looked the woods were lit with their strong, bright color!  The second trail, goes over to what I've called the "Far North Wetland".  Once you get there, you'd better not try to go further - because if you do - you'll be swimming.  It ends at a circular piece of land, surrounded by water!

Far North Wetland~
It's still remote enough that it remains untouched, except by a hawk that was sitting at the top of the snag.  Luckily - there was some good grass here & Farah of course had to do a little grazing to make the ride worthwhile :-)
My favorite wetland, looking south~
 Our view on the way back - past the wetland above, gives you an idea of the size of this area. 
Looking north - clogged wetland on the far side of the road~
There's a Lot of water that flows across the road here, the far side is a continuation of this water system, but it's totally clogged now, by reed canary grass.  Of course putting the road right through the middle years ago - didn't help the flow any...

Farah sloshes through the knee deep water on the road~
Our little trail back off the power lines
It seemed crazy, but the sun was already low on the horizon!  I wanted to go back to the mushroom spot & collect a few more to freeze for our Thanksgiving stuffing!  We found them, now just starting to get a tiny bit soft.  Probably the end of their season.   By now, my hands were so cold that I had a hard time attaching the bag to the saddle. 
Our road & trees of the Homestead~
 The ground fog was already moving in, adding a real chill to the air!  Nika & Rascal were waiting at the gate.  I think they can hear us coming down, once we're on the paving.  Farah hardly broke a sweat & was dry under the saddle.  Every ride this time of year is a good ride, but this one was especially so~

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