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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Water, Water Everywhere~

We've had pretty much non-stop rain storms moving through since Friday.  Round after round, but this morning - there was a light dusting of snow on Deer Mountain.  With things to catch up on, we stayed home, Butch made me a back board to use as a pattern & two sign boards for a couple signs I've been trying to get painted for a few years now!
Lots of water flowing~
We can hear the creek from the house & love the sound!  Nothing unusual for mid-November.
Squirrel Tail Trail Bridge~
Later in the afternoon, it looked like we'd have some clearing long enough for me to take a walk & see if there were any places where the creek was jumping it's bank.
Under Cottonwood x-ing Bridge~
Luckily, the work I'd done earlier this year has paid off & the full length of the creek was staying in it's bed & between it's banks, just one spot where a Salmonberry had fallen in & debris was collecting.
Towards Merlin's Grove~
Before I was even half-way up into the woods, the rain started coming back.  I walked on down the hill to see how things were at the bottom, along the road.  
Toward our SE corner~
 All looked good here too.  The trail has gotten narrower as the Emerald Greens have grown!  They make such an excellent buffer from the road.  I spent the summer hauling hoses down here to try to keep a little water on them.
Lots of color still here~
The sun broke through for just a minute before the rains returned!  My work from Thursday looks good to me!  Just the stumps of the Red-Twig Dogwoods to kill off.  We still have the creek bed to get dug out again.  That chore happens every few years :-)
SE Corner~
Farah is scheduled for new shoes later this week.  I've been playing with the idea of giving her a month without shoes...  Problem is - I don't know if I can last that long without saddle time!  I do have boots, but my hands rebel at all the work to boot a horse up.  I've never had them on Farah - so it might be interesting...  We'll see~

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  1. Water and GREEN! Ours has only been gone a month and I already miss it. I shall live vicariously through you. =)


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