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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fall Fun with Friends~!

Beth on Kate, Amanda on Cato
I'd wanted to get together with these two - plus Lynn for a ride for a while!  Finally, schedules merged - except for Lynn's...  We met at Bracken Road, several rigs already there.  It was a nice dry, if brisk morning.  My usual loop is roughly ten-miles & everyone was game for that & a break at Cloverdale.
Farah in a huff~
I thought Farah would be so happy to see her friend Cato & she'd usually gotten along with Kate.  It had been a long while since we'd been out with more than one horse.  She was so ornery...  A threatened kick toward Kate, put her in the rear.  Cato was setting a super nice pace.  I tried all my usual tricks to calm her down, but it took several miles until she settled enough to start enjoying the ride.
Toward Cloverdale on the Whitehorse
It's always a pleasure to follow these two buckskins!  We'd brought rain jackets, just so we wouldn't need them.  The temperature felt like it was dropping by the time we'd had our break & started back.  Now, Farah trotted beside Cato & Beth & I got to visit a little side-by-side.

As we finished up our ride, Amanda mentioned lunch, so I called Donnie to get the name of the local restaurant in Arlington - that she & Pat had recommended.

We didn't do much talking - we were too busy feeding our faces!  About all we said was "YUM!"  I had the onion rings & they are truly the best I've had.  I won't say no next time Pat suggests coming here!

It was just such an amazing Fall day!  Not too cold, the super charged fresh air & good company!

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