Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Monday, November 9, 2015

Gray & Fog~

It rained most of the night, then this morning continued with a steady drizzle.  I caught up from the weekend & had lunch.  Looking south - I could see clearing & hearing the weather report, figured that I might as well ride while I could.
Just heading out the gate, it started raining again!  Oh, well - we wouldn't melt.  I didn't have much of a plan - we headed toward the Beaver pond.  As we came around the corner, I heard a flurry of feathers! 
Plenty of water in the pond now~
A Huge Red Tailed Hawk took off from a tree that was right over us & flew to the far side - where he perched on a branch.  I tried to get the camera out in time, but he'd flown off by the time I had it. Pretty cool!
View west~
We turned west, the fog hanging in the trees & everything was soaking wet.  Just before we reached the bottom of the hill, at the creek - large doe & younger one crossed our path.
Farah grazes~  With the Stonewall Classic
We stopped at the gas lines, it was getting too late to go out to the far clear-cut, so we turned back.  Once we were back on the power lines, we turned north again for a way.  (Jackie says that my saddle just might get done before too much longer!)
Fog over the clogged wetland~
It was really a gray, uninspiring November day.  The air was super fresh, it would drizzle off & on - hardly enough to get us wet.
Natures Mini Garden~
Coming back, I noticed the top of this old cedar stump - covered with it's own beautiful mini-garden!  With the tiny mushrooms - it looked so pretty!
Sunset - 4:10 p.m.
Just before we made the turn in to our trails, the clouds cleared off to the west & the sunset was amazing!  Now, I knew we had to make some time to get back before it was too dark to be out on the roads.  I was trying to think of where I'd put my little light in my pack :-)
Light between the ears :-)
We got to the neighbors just as their gate lights came on - Farah was busy watching the cattle in the pasture across the way.  Another branch had come down on the trail that goes to Pat's - Farah managed to tangle her hind feet in it, but stood while I got out the saw & cut it in the almost dark!


Always Welcome~