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Friday, January 8, 2016

Boulder ~

Yesterday was busy, Mom had many appointments & I was chauffeur.  It was late in the day by the time we were done.  That gave us the excuse, as though we needed one - to head to Louisville & the Blue Parrot Restaurant!  What used to be the back door, is now the side door :-)  You go in, take in the smell & can order take out, by the quart or gallon!  Spaghetti, huge meatballs, Italian sausage etc.!  Years ago - miles of beautiful prairie stretched as far as the eye could see between Boulder & Louisville.   Now - that once open space is covered by acres of houses.  So sad for those of us who remember the way things used to be.

Driving back to Boulder on Baseline road, the snow was moving down the face of the Flatirons - the mountains were almost dark purple.  As we dropped down the hill - I saw the STAR on Flagstaff!  I couldn't believe it!  It was a true blast-from-the-past - taking me back to my days as a kid & how excited I was each December when the star heralded the beginning of the holiday season.  I remember the year it was turned into a peace sign!  Ah - the 60's!  :-)

Today, we woke to 4" inches of power snow!  I'd forgotten the joys of true powder!  I just had to get out there & was so happy I'd remembered my snow boots!  I shoveled the sidewalk - it was so easy!  Nothing like the heavy, wet snow that we in Western, WA are familiar with.
Just a block from the house~
I took a walk, kicking it into the air like a kid.  Just a block to the Multi-Use path that heads toward the neighborhood where I grew up right at the base of Mt. Sanitas.
Mt. Sanitas
It was snowing lightly - beautiful white flakes, soft as cotton falling through the thin air.  Enchanting...
First Ridge~
I zoomed in on the first ridge, where I would hike on my way home from elementary school to visit the horses who grazed there.  Sickened to see that they've allowed houses to be built :-(  Oh well, time marches on - it's not the small, wonderful town I remember anymore & hasn't been for a very long time now.  No, I wouldn't move back...

All the solid homes built in the neighborhood in the late 50's are now being bought & torn down.
Mom's beautiful home~
New homes are being built, huge & lot line to lot line.  Some are very nice~
Very tasteful~
 Others, in the majority - are of a more modern look, appealing in a way - but just not in keeping with the original style of the town.  My opinion only - & we all know how tastes change!
New style~
Finally, there are the rigs on steroids!  Two of these parked on Mom's street!
This will get you there!
I almost laughed, the Bronco looked like a toy next to these!  It's been years since I've been here in Winter & for someone who says she doesn't like the cold anymore - I've changed my tune.  Dry cold isn't bad at all!  :-)

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  1. The modern one looks like they left some of the original home on the bottom. Would look weird in her neighborhood though!


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