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Monday, January 25, 2016

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet~

Not Good News~
I headed up to Victoria today - another clear weather day & I wanted to ride!  I'd hoped to get in some faster work for Farah & increase our distance a little too.  When I pulled into the parking area - the sign above greeted me.  What a shame, since the days are getting longer & I love riding the afternoons & into the late Winter sunsets.
Western Red Cedar
 We left on the roads, past the newest cutting of the Cedars.  A cedar starts to buttress at 80 years.  That makes the tree that grew here well over 150-years old.  A longer life than any of us will live...
Cloudy & Cool
 It wasn't the sunny day that yesterday was - but no rain works!  Farah hit her trot early on & seemed so happy to be out.  Since we were the only ones about - we could do a little  galloping too.  She stopped for water but otherwise was very motivated!  It had been a busy weekend for Butch & I - more on that in another post, so I think she felt my happiness too.  It became apparent - that my girl is still gaining in overall strength.  Her brain was in place today too, no spooks & no temper tantrums :-)
Beige & Chocolate!
 These next couple months - will start the spring molt & the lighter beige will be lost to the dark chocolate that I look forward to :-)  It's hard to believe that we're coming to the final months of our fifth year together.
Gorgeous views~
 We hadn't visited the Monument our last ride here & it had been quite a while.  It was beautifully quiet.  Farah found enough grass to keep her occupied - but I was glad to be standing close, as she went down & was planning on a roll when I yelled!  :-)  Yes - she was sweaty!  We met up with Linda as we were leaving & she was arriving!  Time for a quick chat, but I had to keep moving to finish the portion of my original ride plan that was still doable with the reduced time frame.
Rain moving in over the top of the far mountain~
 I never tire of seeing the changeable weather over these peaks.  Good thing - since it's one of the few areas close enough to home for us to appreciate often.  After seeing the signage - I had a sinking feeling - how easy it seems for areas to be closed to us...
Mt. Rainier
As we came back, the big mountain made it's appearance just under the increasing cloud cover.  There was one truck across the road from the Bronco - but otherwise we were the only ones riding today.  Great to get out & hopeful that sooner or later the rains will let up!

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