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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Good News for our Lineal Trails!

Proposed New Parking Area~
I've been very appreciative, of being elected as this year's Chairman of the Centennial Trail Coalition.  The first time - I think, that an Equestrian has held this position.  Of course Russ, Division Manger at Snohomish Parks had a rue smile on his face.  He knows well, that my main goal is to obtain further parking for all user groups - but especially for our horse trailers!

The last year or so has seen the advent of an influx of a few homeless tents, trash etc. just east of where the Whitehorse Trail converges with the Centennial.  The park Rangers do their best to keep the mess picked up.  The Sheriff's dept. has moved the squatters off on several occasions.

A private property owner has built a ramp up from the Cemex property to & over the Whitehorse Trail.  One of the park Rangers, spoke to the managers of Cemex - to find that they are interested in increasing the availability of access for trail users.  The hope is that with more use, the area will be less inviting to the homeless...
Tent on private property~
 My last ride there in December - I saw only one tent & a few piles of trash.  I know several people who refuse to walk through this area.  When the river rises, the homeless move to higher ground, which is the trail.

So, with diligent work & the prospective cooperation of the private, corporate & county entities - we may someday have a place to park that will give us access to the length of the Whitehorse Trail going east toward Darrington & the Centennial Trail - for almost 7-miles north to the Nakashima trail-head.  Both beautiful stretches of trail well suited for horses.  Fingers Crossed!


  1. Oh wow, I've experienced this myself. A tent, and trash everywhere, deep in the hills. I can't remember where exactly (agh), somewhere in Issaquah.

    I wanted to add, also that our trails in Issaquah were often closed during winter so we had to use only the gravel roads, and I wonder what you did in your last post - did you just park somewhere else and ride anyway?

    I learned recently that there is a new parking area built at Taylor Mountain, where I did so much riding in total solitude. With this, I know that Taylor will be just like Tiger and Squak and Cougar, the heavily used Issaquah Alps. Where can I ride now, in my home, without traffic? In the next 5 years I hope to be there again. Where to ride...

    1. It's so ugly to see, especially in beautiful natural areas... We ride the roads at Victoria in the winter. Bracken keeps the trails open - but they do get muddy. By summer though, they recover nicely. Oh yes! The Taylor/Tiger/ etc. are all now heavily used. Bikes have about taken horsemen off Tiger. I plan to contact a couple of the logging companies outside Granite Falls, to see about availability of those roads... Then - maybe the heavy logging above the Morgan Horse Club will be done one of these days...


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