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Monday, January 4, 2016

Westward Ho ~

Snoqualmie Pass- Day 1
Unexpected - life throws those events at us from time to time.  Colorado was again calling my name...  Flying is not my thing!  Crowds, confined space & stale air - since Butch didn't nix my plan to drive, the Bronco & I hit the road.  When I checked the pass report, it was to close for avalanche control at 9 a.m.  I took the back roads to North Bend, then headed up onto I-90.  Even with slow going I made it through with 30-min. to spare.
Near Spokane
By the time I was coming into Spokane - the day had turned stunning! 
Lolo Pass 3 p.m.
Once into Montana - the 80 mph. speed limit really helped our time.  I wanted to be to Missoula before dark & just made it by 5 p.m.  Tired didn't describe it, so made my calls & turned in early.  Of course I couldn't sleep...  Up early & back on the road.
Leaving Missoula - Sunrise, Day 2
It was still dark, but before long the sun was coming up & I love seeing sunrise in the west!  Montana is a big state & my audio book helped the miles click by.  By 1 p.m. I was in Billings - making the turn south toward Wyoming.  The goal for this day, my favorite Aunt & Uncle's home in Sheridan, WY!
Bronco covered with road grime!
Butch called & said that the Bronco wanted a little oil.  I got out my step, climbed up on the hood & with the phone on speaker - started the process.  Within a minute, I had three guys offering to help :-)   It's friendly in the West!  Driving along, I was surprised to see two women on horses with their dogs heading toward a small horse herd.  I beeped the horn as way of saying;  "Hi!" They waved & how I wished I was out there riding with them!
Big Horns in the distance~
Back on the road, the sun shining on the snow was brutal.  Even with my good sunglasses, my eyes were tired.  By 3 p.m. I was pulling into Sheridan!  First stop - the car wash!  The Very Best car wash I have ever used!  It blasted that road grime right off!  Visiting family that I seldom get to see - is always so wonderful!  Of course we never stopped talking & going to bed was hard!  Next morning when I went out to warm up the Bronco - it was frozen solid!  17 degrees felt darn cold!  :-)  It was sure fun motoring around on the snow covered streets.
Leaving Sheridan - Day 3
Another gorgeous sunrise in the West.  I would have loved to stop & take photos with the camera, but it would be another almost full day's drive.  Over the years, & the drives back & forth - Auntie has always sent me on my way with a packed lunch!  Chicken salad sandwich, chips, cookies - yum!   I don't think anyone would argue that Wyoming can be a bit dull out in the middle of the state.  I was looking forward to crossing the Colorado state line!   Traffic picked up the further south I drove.  Two-lanes each direction once on I-25 seemed small after being so used to I-5! By just after 2 p.m. I was at Mom's door!  So good to see her!

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