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Friday, January 1, 2016

Trailduster's New Years Day Ride!

Rigs lining up!
We were the third ones in the gate - we all agreed that we were Crazy with a capitol C Cold!  20 degrees when we left home & if Butch hadn't been driving, I would have been white knuckled with the black ice on the road.  Of course it's always nice to know that you're not the only horseman around willing to brave the cold :-)
Mel - on Zeus the wonder horse, Connie, Linda, Laurie
Butch went into the shelter & got a big fire going in the stove, while we were deciding to saddle up.  It took a mutual decision - since it was so cold!  People were still pulling in - the smart ones parked in the sunshine!
The smart riders!  :-)
To say that the trails were frozen solid is not an understatement.  With Mel in the lead on Zeus - we took it nice & slow - the horses were slipping at the walk.  Mel entertained Linda & I with stories of Zeus's exploits as I watched this horse go down the trail.  He literally knew where he was placing each foot & never took a misstep.  I told Farah to pay attention & she might learn something!
Mel in the lead, Linda & Count
This morning, Count got the award for being bad!  He tried to buck Linda off early on!  Farah did a few of her airs-above-the-ground - but she settled in quicker than I expected her to with over a week off.  She is really enjoying the hackamore & that helps her overall attitude.
Mel & Zeus
I think everyone was just so happy to be out & in the saddle that the cold was secondary - at least while we were in the sun!  Once in the shade, I was wishing for more layers!  We ran into Katie & Hanna who'd planned to ride ten-miles, until they got out there & saw the icy conditions.  I hope they accomplished their goal!
Sunshine & frost
By the time we'd about finished a second loop, Mel headed back with Zeus.  The ice that had formed over any puddles, there were plenty of those - was so brittle that it sounded like breaking glass when one of the horses would step on it.  Linda & I decided to continue on a way further, but it wasn't much longer until we were more than ready to go back!
Hot food!
Several of us had brought pots of beans!  Then, there was homemade soups, salads, desserts!  We jockeyed for position close to the heat coming off that wood stove!  It's good luck to eat beans on New Years Day - didn't you know?  :-)  Anyway - we all ate a lot!
Yes - we're having a good time :-)
After we'd demolished the food, it was time to pack up & head home.  I have no idea how many riders we had - but again - more than I had imagined.
We pose for our NY photo :-)
 Traildusters are a good group of people & can't think of a better way to spend the first day of the New Year!

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