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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Wrap Up~

Sunset - Mt. Pilchuck
By the time Justin was done with Farah's shoes - I was frozen to the bone & the temperature had started down again - from our 30 degree high to 28.  The ground is so hard now, it sounded hollow as Farah walked up to the barn with her new shoes - the last of this year!  :-)
"What ya doing Justin?"
New shoes nine times this year - so roughly every six-weeks.  Not bad for a mare that carried me over 1,000-miles.  Less than the last two-years, but still a very respectable number.  We had some amazing highlights in 2015.
Trip to Southern, CA - 3-14-15
Our trip with Patty to Joshua Tree National Park & Pioneertown in Southern, CA was a trip-of-a-lifetime for me.  Riding in new country would be all I would do if I could.  If you get the opportunity - go!
Columbia River~
 The days we spent the end of April at the Ancient Lakes area - was another that I won't soon forget & hope to do again!  More new country - new to me - new to Farah & nothing more fun than enjoying it with good friends.

May - Mt. Adams!  Farah's first win & a really great ride for us both - the only ride we did this year.
Butch trots Farah~
June, the yearly beach trip!  This year was special, since Sandy came & brought Farah's sire Ody with her.  The two of them are a perfect pair - they walk, trot & gallop side-by-side without any issues at all!  Sandy & I reap the benefits - with some incredible riding.
Farah & Ody ~
Summer arrived!  We camped with the kids & grand-kids, lost Rascal & then found him!  Grandson Ben started driving his new truck - Thanks Joyce!  Farah & I tried saddles, several saddles & finally - just a month ago, our new one arrived & it works!
Grandson Mason, David, Nephew Chase, Grandson Ben & Butch
Family visited in Aug., Butch took the guys in our family on a fishing trip to Canada.  They were gone a week & came home with huge smiles & lots of fish!
Butch with Josie & Skyla
September, we made the drive south to visit the Wrights & our two littlest Granddaughter's - who moved to the Astoria area.  No fun to have them so far away - but it could be farther!
Farah checks it out!
Farah & I attended a Saddle-Up Meetup at Fire Mountain - fun obstacles & good time with our friends.
Connie, Farah, Linda & Count
October, camping up at Harry Osborn's with Linda!  Our first camping trip together in probably close to twenty-years & we enjoyed every day.  Perfect riding weather & my only trip up there this season.
Sauk River
November, we made several trips up to Darrington - watching as the Sauk River took huge chunks of land - putting it's main flow right up to the edge of the Wrights backyard.  They moved out November of 14, when it became too scary to stay.
December Cold!
December, well - who isn't busy during the holidays?  Hottest Summer in history, rivers lowest ever, second rainiest December in history - plenty of records were broken this year!
Here's to a Bright, Shiny & more moderate 2016!
Happy New Year!

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