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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winter War Zone~

Farah;  "Dad was here!"
Two rain bursts came through this morning.  Finally - the sun tried to appear & it looked like we might have that window of opportunity to get out!  We only made it part way along the muddy Alder trail when I heard the sound of an engine.  Two guys on a 4-wheeler saw us & came to a stop.  They work for my neighbor to the north - who owns this property & told me they'd been asked to come up & cut out the trees over the trails.  I told them we'd done our share & they agreed!  I'm sure the  property will be easier to sell to another developer - if they can drive them through. :-(
Farah & her branch~
When I think of the issues this mare had with water early on - I have to laugh now :-)  Here, so much water was running over the trails - we were splashing along for half a mile.  (We'd had rain all night.)  Farah decided that this branch was the one & chewed on it for quite a while.
Up every trail~
We would have never made it to the power lines.  I had No idea how many more trees had come down!  All the rain over the last weeks has saturated the ground to the point where it was easier for those high winds to topple them.
Snapped off & blow over too~
Western Red Cedars, Hemlock, it didn't make any difference, every way I looked & everywhere we went more were on the ground.  Some of the largest - thankfully - had missed covering the trails. 
To the power lines~
Today, I used my Woolback pad.  The binding on the pad from Stonewall had rubbed & broken the hair over Farah's loins.  I should have know when I saw that binding - but since so many riders seem to use them successfully - I took a chance.  I prefer a pad that covers the drop-down rigging & the Woolback does.  What I don't like is how the saddle slips when I mount from the ground.
Yes - mud~
We went north to check our little woods loop.  The tree that had been blocking it since the Nov. wind storm was cut out!  It started spitting rain & I swear the temperature dropped several degrees - I was getting cold.
Huge tree down :-(
Coming back toward home, we found this huge root ball - attached to a huge tree.  You can see all the standing water.  The little Wrens were everywhere!  For a way - they tried to stay in front of Farah & pick whatever it was from the trail in front of us.  So very cute!
Water flowing out of the Wetland
So much water in the Wetland, that there was a small waterfall over the Beaver dam!
The snow keeps dropping lower & lower, but still we haven't had it on the ground at home.  The day didn't get any brighter, nor warmer.
Pat's horses~
Back on the trail behind Pat's, we were greeted by three of her horses.  Rao is taking care of the two pregnant mares & it's pretty exciting to think of new foals on the farm next year!

We traveled the last few miles to roll-over 1,100 year-to-date.  (The last three-years our total is over 4,000-miles.)  We weren't pushing - probably a good thing since we spent most of the year waiting for a saddle, then - waiting for a saddle.  Speaking of saddles, every ride I'm liking the Stonewall more & more.  I've asked for a photo of the tree, I still want to add bucking rolls.

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